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When Nate finds out Diana runs a secret brothel ( Raiders of the Lost Art ), he plans to use the information to finally kick her out of The Spectator for good.At the end of the twelfth book he sails around the world with a friend of his father to avoid getting in between Blair and Serena.In the time jump, The Spectator is shown to have become a huge success and Nate is planning a mayoral run.Before the rehearsal dinner, Nate learns that William was the one who had Howard arrested and investigated by the FBI.Poker Face live on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross 2. Gossip Girl - Actors recite lines from "Love Game" 7. Gossip Girl - "Bad Romance" performance 8.US TV News Features Game of Thrones The Walking Dead Star Trek: Discovery Stranger Things Netflix.When Tripp finds out, he pits Nate and William against each other but Nate decides to go anyway.Us Weekly Magazine. News; Stylish;. the streets of New York fly by as if she were an extra in Gossip Girl. to cover her poker face as flashbulbs.

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Things with Serena are tested again in Ex-Husbands and Wives when he calls the cops after discovering that William lied about her mother being sick.

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He tells Anne, who decides once and for all to end her marriage to save her social reputation than her marriage.His father goes to rehab after nearly dying on Thanksgiving ( Blair Waldorf Must Pie ), and now that he has been relieved of his familial pressures, Nate has more time to miss Blair.

Nate takes matters into his own hands and takes the blame for orchestrating the fake drowning, and Tripp ends up winning the election.Anne Archibald, a member of the Vanderbilt family, on April 5th, 1991.They begin a sexual relationship that eventually turns into a public romantic relationship ( I Am Number Nine ).Lady GaGa-Money Honey(ost Gossip Girl 2 season) mp3 Duration: 3:07 min | Quality:. (Gossip Girl) - 2008-2x05. Lady GaGa - Poker Face mp3 Duration: 3:59 min.

New To La Fleur Nails. Pamper Parties. Photo Gallery. Prices. Gelish Gossip Girl and Vegas Nights. As seen on her poker face video.Tripp decides to leave his wife, encouraging Serena to be with him.While leaving to go away with Tripp, Serena is caught by Nate who tells her how he feels.

Blair manages to get the USB with the pictures and drops it in champagne.

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He and Serena leave together, and Nate is heartbroken ( The Last Days of Disco Stick ).Nate then renews his relationship with Blair and they become a couple again ( Remains of the J ).

But after being talked into it by Dan and Vanessa, he decides to and they resume their good relationship at the reunion.His father is arrested, and it is revealed that in addition to the drug-related charges, he is accused of embezzlement and fraud.After ending things with Juliet, he decides to try again with Serena back.

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As far as roles on Gossip Girl > go. Wait, Was ‘Gossip Girl’ Realistic or Not. wry unflappability or Matthew Settle’s lovable Botoxed face).

As the season opens in Yes, Then Zero, Nate and Chuck end up in Los Angeles, where Serena is working on a film set.The same night, Nate and Blair break up due to his not really loving her anymore ( Victor Victrola ).Raina decides to search for her mother and Nate agrees to help.

Title GOSSIP GIRL Contributor Names Amy Heckerling, Tony Wharmby, Andy Wolk, David Warren, Norman Buckley, etc. (director).He begins hanging out with Vanessa, and the two begin dating ( Desperately Seeking Serena ).

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After a trip to Yale in the fall where they each find trouble after an identity crisis where both are known as the other, Nate befriends Dan ( New Haven Can Wait ).